Our Own Holiday

Our Own Holiday
Lyrics: Mike Lambe and Matt Kuerbis
Music: Mike Lambe and Scott Hewitt

Am       Am
G          Am
Am       Am
G          Am

Verse 1
I don’t know you as well as I’d like to
But I know we could have some fun together
So come on over, there is no occasion
We can make our own holiday

B Section
Dm/                                         Dm/                             C                                  Dm
No gift but your presence, no present but your gift for music and conversation
Bb                                            Dm                               G 
Bring your drums and guitars, we’ll play until the stars fade away.

Solo (Verse and B Section)
Verse 2
Now that I know you, I don’t see enough of you
‘Cause this life keeps getting in the way
So maybe tomorrow, if there’s nothing else we have to do
We can make our own holiday

Interlude (Hold Chords)
F          Bb        Eb
F          Bb        G

Jam in A (Signs of Life)

Chorus (2x)
D                                              D
Rejoice! The beginning is near
D                                              C                      A
The rain will wash away fear
D                                              D                     
The storm will be chased by the dawn
C                                              D
We will be one, we will be one

Repeat last line and fade

copyright 2009, Verge of Something Music

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