Musical Resume – Teacher

Percussion Teacher
Individual and group instruction, specializing in congas, bongos, and djembe with an emphasis on rhythmic fundamentals.

I began teaching my first student in August 2010, prior to which I gave informal instruction to a friend over a period of three years.

I received a Bachelor of Music in Music Business from DePauw University in 1992. As a trombonist, I studied under James Beckel, prinicipal trombonist for the Indianapolis Symphony, and played in concert and marching band, Jazz Ensemble, brass quintet and the DePauw Symphony. I also studied drums under Steve Hanna while at DePauw.

Performance and Inspiration
I am a founding member of three Portland-area bands: Mystic Canyon, an acoustic Americana band; Harmless Eccentrics, an acoustic rock trio; and the Jersey Rhythm Mafia, an electric improvisational band. I have played with many drummers, and have learned something from every one of them. I hope I have inspired them as much as they have me. These influential friends and partners-in-rhythm include Mike McNaughton, Jimi Hardin, Jason Rizzuto, Les Hutchinson, Keith Picone, Joe D’Andrea, Jim Burke, Jim Pitts, Dan Fitzgerald and Freedom Electric.

Styles and genres: Jam/improv rock, progressive rock, latin jazz, reggae, funk, groove, acid jazz, acoustic rock
Players: Chris Theberge, Andy Farag, Jim Laughlin, Poncho Sanchez, Pedro Martinez, Bobby Torres, Miguel Bernal, Carter Beauford, Jon Fishman, Kris Myers

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