Musical Resume – Performance

Percussion – Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Shakere, Gourds, Cowbells, Tambourine, Djembe, Cajon, Washboard, Calimba and others

Drums Studied with Steve Hanna, DePauw University, 1991

Trombone Studied at DePauw University (1987-1991) with James Beckel, Principal Trombonist, Indianapolis Symphony

Other Instruments Melodica, Harmonica, Keyboards, Penny Whistle


The Slope (2013-present) Percussion, lead and backing vocals
Cousin It (2013-present) Drums, backing vocals
Ninja Hippie
(2011-present) Percussion, drums, trombone, lead and backing vocals  
Jerry Rig (2011-present) Drums, backing vocals
Hip Deep (2012) Percussion, drums, keyboards, trombone, backing vocals
Mystic Canyon (2001-2014) Percussion, melodica, harmonica, trombone, lead and backing vocals
Magenta Theater Bands (2010-2011)  Percussion, drums, trombone, lead and backing vocals
Harmless Eccentrics (2009-2011) Percussion, lead and backing vocals
Jersey Rhythm Mafia (2007-2013) Percussion, drums, trombone, lead and backing vocals
The Four Hoarse Men (2007-2009)  A Capella Quartet, tenor 
Go Banana (1998) Percussion, lead and backing vocals
Ray Ashley and the 9-Volt Smoke Detectors (1997-1999)
DKE House Band (1990-1991)  Drums
DePauw University Choirs (1987-1990) tenor
DePauw University Symphony Orchestra (1990-1991) Tenor and Alto Trombone
DePauw University Concert and Marching Bands (1987-1991) Trombone
DePauw University Jazz Ensemble (1987-1991) Trombone
Jason Colannino (1987-1990, 1996) Backing vocals
Brookdale Community College Jazz Ensemble (1985-1987) Trombone  
Central New Jersey Region II Band (1987) Trombone
Tower Guard, Rumson-Fair Haven High School (1985-1986) A Capella Quartet, tenor

Guest Appearances 

Naomi Tatsuoka and Soul Provider (2014-present) Percussion, trombone
Dead Bank
(2011) Percussion, trombone, vocals
Jerry Rig (2005-2010) Percussion
MiMo (2009-2010) Percussion, backing vocals
Will West (2010) Percussion
Christopher Worth (2010) Percussion
Jimi Hardin & Hip Deep (2010-2011) Percussion
Samba Soleil (2008) Percussion
Bridgetown Saints (2008) Percussion
Starlight Symphony Orchestra (2008) Bongos (West Side Story Symphonic Suite, Bernstein)
thE otheR waY (1998) Percussion, vocals

Stage Credits (High School and College)

The Music Man (Barbershop Quartet Tenor) Rumson-Fair Haven High School 1985
Guys and Dolls (Benny Southstreet) Rumson-Fair Haven High School 1986
Mame (Uncle Jeff) Rumson-Fair Haven High School 1987
La Boheme – English Translation (Chorus) DePauw University 1988

4 Replies to “Musical Resume – Performance”

  1. Mike!
    I was doing a Google search for our high school class page, and once I removed “Royal Festival Hall” and “Dizzy Gillespie,” ironically your page was the first hit on the list. Nice site!

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