That Extra Something

You’re almost finished with a new song, but you feel like it’s missing a finishing touch. Or maybe you want to add some extra punch to make your next gig stand out. Or that Happy Hour acoustic jam could use a little rhythm and harmony. I have been playing percussion in Portland for nearly 12 years in acoustic and electric bands, and can customize my setup to best fit your needs. I play a wide variety of styles and covers, love to develop new material and absolutely live for improvisation and spontaneous creation.

If you are looking to add that extra something to your next recording or performance, please contact me for a very reasonable quote. You’ll be getting a percussionist who is first and foremost a musician with 32 years of experience. In addition to my playing, I can contribute as much (vocal harmonies, arrangement ideas) or as little (just play the part, dude) as you would like. I play with several bands but can always find time for the right professional opportunity.

Mike Lambe

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