The Man Cave

One of the features that attracted us to our condo was the semi-finished attic, with a large storage closet and enough space to consider it a third bedroom. In the last two years, the attic has been home to several long-term guests, but now that our dear friend Amy has moved to China, the room is once again free and clear to be put to the use I had originally envisioned for it – welcome to my music studio!

Building my musical cockpit

I began the process last month by moving the bed to the other side of the room, under the sloped ceiling. This opened up much more space in the main part of the attic. I moved my old computer and desk into the corner, and look forward to loading the computer with music production software so I can start recording some stuff. My keyboards fit very nicely against the adjoining wall, and it just made sense to build the percussion section out from there, facing the rest of the room. Here’s a more thorough look at the whole set-up:

It’s still far from finished, but it’s a good start, and something to do when I’m not looking for work. Some tapestries would be nice for aesthetics, but I really ought to put some soundproofing up first. For now, it’s just fun to be surrounded by all my toys and to have a place for my friends to come over and jam without taking over the living room. The drum wall can be pushed out a little further to allow another keyboard player to slide in behind me. There’s room for 2-3 guitarists with small amps, as long as they don’t mind hauling their gear up 2 flights of stairs. When I have more money to throw at the project, I’ll outfit the place with an amp, some mics, and maybe a cheap bass. Most importantly, all of the stuff I’m most likely to need for a gig can be easily accessed and removed.

Can’t wait to try it out! Who’s up for a jam?


3 Replies to “The Man Cave”

  1. Gee, somehow despite all that excellent documentation I don’t see where you tucked the bass amp.

    So I guess the next project is the freight elevator?

    Looking forward to many hours of comfy jamming. With Lambe in the cockpit.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Scott! The bass amp may be coming sooner than you think. The freight elevator, not so much.

    I’m just surprised you didn’t remark about how much I needed a bigger rainstick!

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