Fantasy Football Week 9 Recap

Both of my Week 9 matchups were looking like tough ones. It would take the right combination of lineup decisions and outstanding production to put either of my teams over the top. Things did not work out in my favor this week, but one of the matchups was just close enough to hurt.

High Mountain Widowmakers (4-5) 121,
Vancouver Volcanoes (6-3) 118

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. My gut was telling me that Carson Palmer had earned back my trust and was safe to start against Baltimore. My head was telling me that Joe Flacco got the better of their previous head-to-head showdown and would be the less risky play. I let my head make the conservative call and watched Flacco fall apart against Cincinnati’s surprisingly dominant defense. Still, I had a slight lead going into Monday night’s game, and if Denver had given Matt Prater a few more scoring opportunities, I could have salvaged the win. But of course, if I had only trusted my gut, it would not have been that close. Next week, I face Jason’s brother Nick, whose Guantanamo Bay Guerillas have sat atop the standings all year, but have lost 2 of their last 3.

Well Hungarians (6-2-1) 96,
PDX Prowlers (6-2-1) 65

My opponent is a savvy trader who added then-injured Frank Gore to his already potent core of Tom Brady and Andre Johnson. Add a tasty matchup for Seattle’s Defense, and it was clear I would need more than a few of my guys to step up with big games. Unfortunately, Drew Brees’ mediocre outing was the highlight of my team’s output this week. Even if I had had the foresight to start James Jones, I still would not have overcome Jonathan Stewart and DeSean Jackson’s combined 3 points. It was a sound beating and there was nothing I could really do to prevent it, which ultimately makes it a little easier to take. Next week, we’ll see which of my  scrap-heap running backs fills in for Steve Slaton against my opponent, the Indy Colts.

Fantasy Football Week 8 Recap

Two weeks in a row with two winning fantasy teams. This weekend’s matchups weren’t particularly thrilling, so it’s hard to write anything too interesting about them. But this whole recapping exercise was really just an excuse to get me writing again, and it’s working. I’ve got a few other blog items I’m working on that I’ll post soon, so let’s get this one over with.

Vancouver Volcanoes (6-2) 135,
Madisonville Maggots (4-4) 83

Every week I stress a bit about who to play in my flex spot, and that decision was made all the more difficult by the emergence of Shonn Greene last week. I went with Breaston over Bradshaw, Fred Jackson and Greene, and it was the right choice, but it really didn’t matter in the long run. Wayne, Turner, Thomas and Flacco combined for enough points to win this matchup for me, as my opponent didn’t get much from Eli Manning, Ronnie Brown or the injured Owen Daniels. Up next, the High Mountain Widowmakers, a team with lots of options. If I were him, I’d have a hard time deciding between Roethlisberger @ Denver or Hasselbeck vs. Detroit.

PDX Prowlers (6-1-1) 76,
TwoManningsOneCup (0-8) 49

Having Drew Brees in the Monday night game was a nice ace to have up my sleeve, but he put up a few stinkers earlier in the season. So I was a little concerned when, at the end of the early games, I trailed an opponent who had failed to replace Kerry Collins, Muhsin Mohammed and Calvin Johnson in his starting lineup. My concern faded as Jonathan Stewart turned in his best performance of the season against the #1 Arizona rush defense. His 20-point performance offset the -1 I got from Steve Slaton, who was benched after an early fumble. While Slaton’s issues didn’t cost me this week, they did cast further doubt on an already suspect backfield. Not a good time to be facing my next opponent, the Well Hungarians, who are building a contender with some very shrewd trades.