Fantasy Football Week 7 Recap

Between recovering from the Umphrey’s McGee show at the Crystal Ballroom and preparing for the debut of the Harmless Eccentrics Sunday night, I was able to put together another 2-0 week for my fantasy teams.

Vancouver Volcanoes (5-2) 140,
Amite Steelmakers (3-4) 133

The league’s Player of the Week award went to Carson Palmer, who combined with Chad Ochocinco for a monstrous 75 points, but Cincinnati’s defense kept my opponent within striking distance. Had I trusted Lee Evans over Steve Breaston, I’d have had a bit more breathing room. Instead, I watched nervously on Monday night, hoping that none of the Redskins multiple 4th quarter red zone chances ended up in the hands of Santana Moss. This week’s matchup with the Madisonville Maggots looks to be a much lower scoring affair, with tough matchups for some of our biggest producers.

PDX Prowlers (5-1-1) 142
TDs ‘N Beer (4-2-1) 89

Another award-winning blowout, thanks t0 huge games from Drew Brees, Vernon Davis, DeSean Jackson and the Philly Defense, the latter two putting the game way out of reach on Monday night. Not only did I outscore my other team in the much higher scoring ESPN league, this was the highest point total recorded all year in this league, putting me comfortably ahead of the pack with the all-important tiebreaker, total points for the season. Next week, the roll looks to continue against the winless TwoManningsOneCup (eewww!)


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