Fantasy Football Week 5 Recap

As much as I love this game, it can be quite frustrating. I like to let my victories speak for themselves – smack talk has always been bad karma for me – and I like to think I am gracious in defeat, especially if I can’t pin the loss on a poor personnel decision on my part. The most infuriating thing for me is a tie, so for the last 36 hours I have been driving myself crazy with all of the ways I could have scored just one more point, praying that a miraculous stat correction from the league could sway the result my way. You win some, you lose some, and I can deal with that, but you tie some? Aaarrrrggghhhh!!!!

Vancouver Volcanoes (4-1) 136,
Team Johnson (0-5) 118

All of Jimmy’s players were playing in the early games Sunday, so he got off to a great lead despite the injury to Calvin Johnson and a Baltimore game plan that mostly ignored Willis McGahee. But my RB tandem of Turner and Bradshaw put me in great position to catch up with 5 TDs between them. By the time Sunday night came around, all I needed was a few points from Reggie Wayne and/or the Indy Defense to put me over. Fred Jackson’s production is tailing off as expected, but with my crucial bye weeks passed, he has served his purpose. Another highlight was a showdown between my two QBs; although Carson Palmer won the battle on the field, Joe Flacco proved to be the wiser choice for our scoring system, which rewards a high completion percentage.

Next week’s contest will be huge; not only am I playing Jason, commissioner of the league and the other half of the Mystic Canyon percussion section, but Jason’s favorite team, the Saints, will be hosting my Giants. I wish my boy good luck, because after last week, when he dropped Jeremy Maclin and started Mike Sims-Walker, he’s going to need it!

PDX Prowlers (3-1-1) 78,
Krest Street Killaz (0-4-1) 78

My fretting about this matchup began early in the week, when I realized I had no QB. With Brees on a bye week and Pennington done for the year, I needed to spend my #1 waiver priority on a decent backup. My best option by midweek was Seneca Wallace, so I picked him up, only to learn the next day that Matt Hasselbeck would be back under center for Seattle. I briefly considered sticking with Wallace, assuming he’d get some work, but I took a no-guts-no-glory gamble on Daunte Culpepper that paid off. In this 16-team league, it was either him or JaMarcus Russell, and I wasn’t going there.

I guess I can’t be too upset, as our lineups were quite evenly matched. I got a big game from Houshmandzadeh, while he got a slightly better performance from Nate Burleson. My DeSean Jackson put up a zero, but so did his Laveranues Coles. Defenses, kickers, tight ends and running backs were all within a point or two of each other. In the end it came down to Sunday Night – the Killaz were done and all I needed from Nate Washington was 40 yards. He went for 37. And dropped an 8-yard pass in the 4th quarter that would have won the game (for me, certainly not for the Titans.) Still I have to take the blame myself, because had I stuck with my original plan, going with Hakeem Nicks instead of Washington, I’d have won.

My next opponent, Degoba Green, has tasted the bitterness of deadlock as well. At 1-3-1, this team looks to break out huge next week with a trio of hot receivers (Marshall, Jennings and Edwards) in favorable matchups. This matchup also has a heavy Giants-Saints element, as Eli Manning faces my returning Drew Brees. It might be a close one, but please, no ties! There can be only one!