Fantasy Football Week 4 Recap

My lineups required some minor tweaking to account for the absence of Eagles, Falcons, Cardinals and Panthers from the Week 4 schedule. But roster depth and foresight prevailed as both teams won in relatively easy fashion.

Vancouver Volcanoes (3-1) 120,
Wyoming Ball-Busters (2-2) 71

As the score suggests, there was not much drama in this matchup. My WRs, Wayne and Ochocinco, were solid and the Redskins Defense has been a steady contributor. Pierre Thomas more than made up for off-weeks from the other RBs (Fred Jackson and Ahmad Bradshaw.) The Ball-Busters got solid performances from Matt Forte and the Denver D, but single-digit scores from everyone else. Had he started Rodgers or Favre over Schaub (and yes, he does have all three!) things would have been a little closer. Week 5’s game is against Team Johnson, a perennial playoff team looking to turn around a winless season at my expense.

PDX Prowlers (3-1) 77,
Orton’s Neckbeard (0-4) 55

This one had the potential to be a lot closer, as Drew Brees turned in another lackluster week, and I got zeroes from McFadden and Stuckey. Thankfully, my gamble on the Texans paid off as Steve Slaton got in the end zone twice while the Texans D held the hopeless Raiders to 2 FGs. I had snagged the Texans D right after the draft knowing I would need to cover Philly’s Bye Week, so that foresight was a game-winning strategy. Oddly, both of my opponents started Matt Schaub this week, but because this Yahoo League doesn’t penalize sacks and incompletions the way the ESPN league does, Schaub was Neckbeard’s most productive player. My next match-up is against the Krest Street Killaz, another winless team that has a much better lineup than one would think. With Brees on a bye and Pennington done for the year, the search is on for a starting QB.

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