Fantasy Football Week 3 Recap

Both of my teams now stand at 2-1 as we enter the Bye weeks. The Yahoo team suffered its first defeat while my ESPN team continued its winning ways. Here’s how things went down.

Vancouver Volcanoes (2-1) 134
Virginia Beach Polish Pride (1-2) 108

I had some challenging lineup decisions to make this week, and while my trust in Joe Flacco over Carson Palmer paid off, my flex spot was a much tougher call. Ahmad Bradshaw has been looking solid, but I couldn’t be sure he’d get enough touches. Lee Evans was a tempting matchup with Buffalo sure to be down and throwing a lot. Ultimately, I put my trust in a healthy Pierre Thomas, and though he made me sweat the decision through the first half, he paid off in the second half. While my margin of victory might suggest that any of these guys would have won me the game, I could not afford to take chances against the team that recorded the highest total of the season in Week 2. This week I enter a matchup with the Wyoming Ball-Busters with Michael Turner on my bench and Fred Jackson having his workload potentially cut in half.

PDX Prowlers (2-1) 69
The Pomeranians (2-1) 82

My backfield of Slaton and McFadden continues to disappoint, but Jonathan Stewart isn’t giving me much reason to sit either of them. Though the decision to replace Nate Washington with Chansi Stuckey cost me a little, the blame for this loss can surely be laid at the feet of Drew Brees, whose season-low 172 yards and 1 lost fumble negated fine performances by DeSean Jackson and Vernon Davis. The Pomeranians 3-headed Horse attack of Manning-Wayne-Addai nearly won this matchup on their own. Up next, Orton’s Neckbeard, looking surprisingly loaded for an 0-3 team (even with Steve Smith on a bye.) They’ll try to exploit the Giants matchup against KC while I hope the Texans and Raiders engage in a brutal ground war.