Fantasy Football Week 2 Recap

There were some mind-boggling numbers put up this week by the likes of Chris Johnson, Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Dallas Clark and Frank Gore. I don’t have any of these guys on either of my teams, but fortunately, I didn’t have to face them either.  So even though my point totals were down from last week, I came away with two close wins.

Vancouver Volcanoes (1-1) 111
Death By TD (1-1) 95

Michael Turner was back to his expected numbers and Fred Jackson and Chad Ochocinco had great games, more than making up for Reggie Wayne’s disappearing act Monday night. The decision to go with Flacco over Carson Palmer cost me a few points, and Matt Prater’s missed FGs negated the ones he made. Still it was enough as Devin, already burned by the decision to start Nate Burleson over Vincent Jackson, saw all hope for a comeback pull up lame along with Marion Barber. Next up: Virginia Beach Polish Pride, who snagged Team of the Week honors this week thanks to Clark and Andre Johnson.

PDX Prowlers (2-0) 84
Buck an Ears (1-1) 83

Drew Brees’ big numbers and DeSean Jackson’s 71-yard TD catch were the highlights of an otherwise unspectacular effort. Still it looked like I had things sewn up going into Monday night’s game with an 11-point lead. My opponent, perhaps earning his Bort handle “crazylilmofo,” had one more chance to catch up with Pierre Garcon. For nearly 57 minutes, I enjoyed the very strange Colts-Dolphins game without even thinking about the possibility of losing. Then, when Frenchy turned a 2-yard sideline pass into a 48-yard score, my mind started racing. Is this a PPR league? Did he make any plays earlier in the game that I missed? Thankfully, Indy didn’t get the ball back and my lead held up. Despite him not being on my team, my game ball goes to Dallas Clark for crossing midfield before stepping out-of-bounds on the previous play. Next week, the Pomeranians’ Colts-heavy lineup is all that stands between me and a 3-0 record.


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