Fantasy Football Week 1 Recap

There were outstanding performances on both of my fantasy teams in week 1, but only one of my teams emerged victorious. 

Vancouver Volcanoes (0-1) 129
Couver Crusaders (1-0) 151

Reggie Wayne and John Carlson helped the Volcanoes rack up the highest losing point total in the league. Unfortunately, it was not enough to overcome Danny’s NFFL defending champions, who racked up an incredible 53 points from Philadelphia’s defense alone. Michael Turner was underwhelming and Carson Palmer has earned himself a spot on the bench for week 2. I also missed the news that Steve Breaston would not play, but as it turns out, my other flex options (Lee Evans, Ahmad Bradshaw, Earl Bennett) would not have made a difference. Coming up this Sunday, I face Death By TD, and we’ll see if Devin can dominate the fantasy gridiron like he can the saxophone.

PDX Prowlers (1-0) 102
Der Bluten Kats (0-1) 71

Once again I found myself squaring off against the defending league champions, but this time I had Philly’s defense on my side. Scoring in this league is a bit more conservative, but the combo of the Philly D and Drew Brees helped me rack up the highest point total in the league. DBK’s best performance came from the over-achieving Cedric Benson, while LT’s early exit due to an ankle injury kept him from catching up. Up next are the Buck an Ears, relying heavily on a bounceback performance from Arizona’s potentially lethal combo of Warner and Fitzgerald.


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