UM (hearts) Sounds Good!

Just a quick note to thank everybody who stopped by to read last week’s post, featuring my review of the new Umphrey’s McGee CD release Mantis. Up until then, Sounds Good had been viewed by a handful of friends and family, garnering less than 50 total hits. Now, a week after the Mantis post went up, the hit count is over 1200! Special thanks and admiration goes to Jeremy Welsh at – at some point between the CD release party and perhaps the most important release day in the band’s history, he saw fit to put a link to my review on the home page.

That really sums up what this band is about. Rather than hanging their hopes for the new CD on the machines of a music industry that is struggling with its own obsolescence, they recognize that their fans will drive this release far more effectively. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that feedback from folks like me or the fine contributors at Hidden Track is featured right alongside reviews from the New York Times and Entertainment Weekly.

The music industry would be wise to pay attention to the Mantis phenomenon. UM’s innovative pre-order campaign turned eager fans into an effective marketing team, and the band has rewarded those fans with hours of bonus material, which I will review once I have had a chance to digest it all.

Umphrey's McGee bathed in blue by new lighting designer Jeff Waful
Umphrey's McGee bathed in blue by new lighting designer Jeff Waful

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