Download yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Jason Colannino, 8/7/08 West Palm Beach

I don’t observe as many Christmas traditions as i used to, but there are a few that have endured through the years. Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” CD. Hot toddies, coffee drinks and spiked eggnog. And, perhaps the most enduring of all, my Christmas phone call from my old buddy Jason Colannino. For nearly 30 years (although I’m sure we’ve missed each other once or twice) Jason and I have caught up with each other on Chrtistmas Day, telling each other about all the groovy loot we got, and sharing good tidings with each other’s families.

This year, Jason is sharing his abundance of Christmas spirit with the world. On his website, you can download his new Christmas album, A Merry Little Christmas. Jason has recorded 11 of his favorite Christmas songs, including some familiar favorites and lesser known seasonal songs from Jim Croce and Paul Williams. Recording all guitar, harmonica and vocal parts himself, each track captures Jason’s individual style, reminiscent of the great singer-songwriters of the 70s.

My best man plays our first dance, July 31, 2004
My best man plays our first dance, July 31, 2004

Jason is a natural, self-taught musician who had a profound influence on my own musical development. He convinced me to join the high school chorus and taught me how to hear the harmonies in Crosby, Stills and Nash songs. We sang together in several musicals, a barbershop quartet and occasionally as an acoustic act. Since he moved to Florida in 1992, he has been gigging up to 5 times a week as a solo act or with a full band.

I hope everyone takes a listen and makes this collection a part of their holiday traditions for years to come. Happy holidays!