Theeeey’re Baaaaack!

Phish announced today that they will be reuniting for 3 shows next March at the Hampton Coliseum. And while this is exciting news, you might be surprised that I am not bouncing around the room, desperately trying to figure out a plan to be there. Once upon a time, I would have been all over this, but now I can think of more reasons to stay home than to go.

  • The scene in Hampton is going to be insane. Hotels are already sold out before a single ticket has been sold. There could easily be twice as many people outside as inside, and there are just too many people I’ve encountered who feel they deserve to see the band more than the next guy. I feel bad for the newbies who will be trying to see them for the first time.

    Phish Returns
    Phish Returns
  • They’ve said there will be more touring announced early next year, so I can’t imagine them not returning to the Gorge. And for me, five hours in a car beats five hours in a plane.
  • Given the insane demand, there could be another simulcast, which I really enjoyed for Coventry.
  • Speaking of Coventry, I am sure they wouldn’t even be announcing this if they were not confident that they could give a better performance. But nothing post-first-hiatus really came close to the buzz that I used to travel great distances to feel.
  • I got over the breakup pretty quickly and moved on to other amazing music. I learned to seek that buzz in my own playing.

Ironically, I am far better able to afford such an excursion than I was 10 years ago when I was travelling to Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Las Vegas to see my favorite band at the top of their game. And much to my surprise, when I told Donna the news (fully expecting a groan and a roll of the eyes) she was ready to book the trip for both of us until I told her I wasn’t really suggesting that. Even with the means and the opportunity, I’d rather sit this one out. But next summer, West Coast Run? Yeah, I’m probably there.

3 Replies to “Theeeey’re Baaaaack!”

  1. You’re right, Mike, it is going to be a madhouse. No doubt Ras Trent and the other trustafarians will have all the tickets locked up as soon as they go on sale. But, hopefully, if there is more touring in the future, then there will be opportunities to see the phab phour again.

  2. Well, we didn’t get the simulcast I suggested, but the free mp3 downloads are a generous gift and a brilliant marketing strategy. If anyone still has doubts about buying a ticket for a summer tour stop, all the convincing they would need is just a 420 MB download away.

    (That’s right, the download for the first night of the Hampton run comes in at exactly 420MB. There’s no way they could have planned that, is there?)

    Seriously, get the downloads. The performance is not flub-free, but the recordings sound fantastic and the band sounds like they are committed to pushing their limits as much as ever. Phish is back and they mean business.

  3. I’m listening to Friday night right now. Incredible. There’s no sense of the passage of time at all. Like a timewarp. I agree, very generous offering the mp3’s for free. I can only imagine the scene outside Hampton Coliseum. Gotta be insane. That 420 thing is bizarre, I didn’t notice that.
    Thanks for the heads up!

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